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#Dhammakaya ... The truth is distorted.

#Dhammakaya ... The truth is distorted.
This case investigators special case. The donation from the management of Klongchan Cooperative. It is a common offense, money laundering or robbery. So called to acknowledge the allegations. But the accused did not come to the inquiry. Both the legal claims can be made anywhere, such as the prison in case the accused is imprisoned, so if DSI does not go to meet the request as requested. Then the accusation in the temple found everything will end without the subpoena. Including no loss as seen.

The case of Phra Chum Choy must be considered no allegation. The accused does not go to the inquiry, the subpoena is not guilty. The solution is to issue an arrest warrant, which is already punishable. (Supreme Court ruling 1341/2509), so that the head of the NCB exercised the power under Section 44 of the Constitution temporarily order the blockade of Dhammakaya Temple. People and monks are not allowed to enter temples. Lose budget Sacrificing the lives of two innocent people, monks and people were arrested in large numbers. Just to bring the accused to the accusations, so unnecessarily. Make no thought other than the government with covert intent.

Now that's the end of the excuse. The government has to cancel the order. Withdrawal staff and return to the Dhammakaya area. Even if the practice of meditation is that it is Buddhist. It is better to lift them off the course. In addition, the absence of the accused will have to abort the allegations that the abbot found a temple to hide the accused. For the diagnosis of sex slavery or sex is required to comply with the rules of the eleventh edict. As a way to accuse the Buddha, which the Buddha authorized the monks to decide in the form of a soldier. The director of the office of the National Buddhism must return to the appropriate. Because there is no righteousness the repression will take over the work of the Church.

Wattana Muang Suk
Party for Thailand
March 13, 2560

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